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oh so your making overloop ok


Oh, how I wish I could make this game popular. Sadly I can’t, which is reflected in the crowdfund amount. Well, Kratzen gave it a three-star-review, so that means it’s at least good. These days, good is good enough.

That's really really weird review. Probably that's why i enjoyed it. Or no. 

I loved playing this! So much drama and so much fun! Can't wait until the full version!

I really REALLY liked this. Left it with a positive review

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I decided to check out the demo and I really enjoyed it. I hope you get all the support you need for this game!

Here's the link to the video, if you want to check it out: Infinity Inc Demo | THE POWER OF CLONING!

so much fun


Cool game! Really hope to see it get onto steam!

Thank you!

No problem! I'll make sure to get the game as soon as it comes out!

Thought I would post our review of Infinity Inc if anyone missed it

Hello, guys! How to contact you by email about this game?

Hi! Email me here - geovizz65[at]gmail[dot]com

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I did a lets play on your game and I was amazed by it, I love it . Cant wait till the full game come's out. I also put in the description the indiegogo link and the stream link so everyone can go support your game. If you can go and watch it the link is below

Really cool game so far. i love the art style aswell as the gameplay. can't wait to see the full game and i'm sure you could get greenlit on steam to.

What an epic video! Enjoyed it a lot, thank you! xD